Starting a Health Revolution

Welcome everyone to the first of many postings to come from yours truly – RemixYourHealth.  Our goal is simple with this resource – introduce you to anything and everything that will help promote positive health behavior change in your life.

Trust me, I know, there is like bazillion magazines, books, infomercials and vibrating belts out there that do the same thing, how do we differ?

Well for starts, we don’t have a huge skyscraper in NY, editors and writers you will never see, or a multi-million dollar marketing budget.  What you see is what you get!  It is as simple as that.

Instead, we are an organization run and owned by recent college graduates with a passion for promoting health and a love for being creative, unconventional, and quite frankly a wee bit goofy.  Sometimes it takes revolting the norm to really create positive change.  Simply stated, we feel it’s time for a health revolution; we feel it’s time to RemixYourHealth.

– Corey, CEO & Founder

P.S. We look forward to your comments, suggestions, likes, and even guest posts.  So let’s share the wealth.  Health Yeah!


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