Buff on A Budget

We’ve all been there before.  You get motivated, you get excited, you buy some new shoes, you tell your friends, you share it with the world – you’re finally doing it, you’re joining a gym.  Like the Grand Marshall of a parade, you go proudly marching through the front doors of something -fitness with a smile on your face and an insatiable appetite for exercise like it’s the 1st of January.

You walk into the membership salesperson’s office and say, “Sign me up!”  In just five minutes of enduring a sales pitch sleazier than that of a used car salesman, you too can be the proud owner of your very own gym membership… for 47 easy payments, but of course.  After seeing the monthly cost, your heart and motivation to become more physically active begins to sink.



This doesn’t have to be the reason why your belly sinks too!

Military personnel provide some of the strongest, fittest, leanest individuals across all professions.  What’s their secret?  Well, for one, it isn’t a state-of-the-art weight room.  Instead, it is good ole fashion hard work reinforced by body-weight based exercises.  Sure, some of these males and females use to tamper in iron clad weight rooms at one time or another, but on the base and through basic training their “gun” show is formed through exercises like pushups, sit-ups, pull-ups, squats, etc.



So if money is a little tight or you just don’t have the time to hit the gym, try this workout where all you need is your own body weight and 2 1-gallon water jugs.  Trust me, there is nothing basic about the results you will receive from this basic training workout.



(Please review our disclaimer before participating in any type of physical activity)


Time: 20 minutes

3:00 min – jog

1:00 min – pushups to exhaustion

1:00 min – pull-ups

3:00 min – jog  

1:00 min – shoulder press (w/ water jugs)

1:00 min – lunges (1:00 per leg)

1:00 min – Biceps curls (w/ water jugs)

3:00 min – jog

1:00 min – triceps extension (w/ water jugs)

2:00 min – sit-ups

1:00 min – mountain climbers

1:00 min – army crawl



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