So Many Updates!

Hi Everyone!

So as usual we have a lot of stuff going on right now here at RemixYourHealth.  In fact, the white board in my office looks more like a strategic planning map for a war than a health promotion organization.  But hey, trying to combat unhealthy eating, sedentary lifestyles, and poor health behaviors often feel like fighting a war!  As much as I would like to share a picture of it with everyone, it conceals some exciting secret projects coming up so that’s just going to have to wait : )

Instead, I would like to share this gem:

Ok, so here’s what’s new, what’s now, and what’s no longer:

1.  The Belly Buster March Madness Bracket’s amazing run is coming to an end with the Final Four voting beginning tomorrow 4/10/11 at – “The Bracket”.  Don’t forget to vote and vote often!

2.   A real quick 4-question viewer-ship survey went up on the home page of last week.  Seriously, it takes all of 3 minutes to complete and it will help us cater to our audiences needs.  Please go to home page and click on the survey.  If that’s just too far away, feel free to take the survey by clicking here:

3.  P.S. I just had a Sweet Potato and it was amazing!

4.  RemixYourHealth is now an official network member of the American College of Sports Medicine’s (ACSM) Exercise is Medicine campaign.  For more information about Exercise is Medicine, please visit here:

5.  At the end of this month RemixYourHealth will be revealing two new tabs on the RemixYourHealth website.  The first tab will be our new and exciting physical activity center highlighting things like FAQ’s for exercise in general, the 10 Commandments of working out in gyms, new and exciting smart-phone apps in the world of exercise and physical activity, and much more!

The second tab will reveal the official challenge page for “Growing Healthy Meals” that will also be launched at the end of April.  So grab your overalls, pitchforks, and that green thumb of yours and stay tuned for RemixYourHealth’s exciting new nutrition challenge!

Now, for a sneak peak:

Shh, don’t tell Jo Anna I posted this.

So I think that’s it!  Don’t forget to follow our main Twitter account at @RemixYourHealth, me at @CoreyMatthewCEO, or Jo Anna at @RYHFood as well as like us on Facebook:

Until next time, stay active stay healthy,



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