Can you dig it?


“Nobody loves me, everybody hates me
Think I’ll go and eat worms
Long ones, short ones, fat ones, thin ones
See how they wriggle and squirm”

RemixYourHealth is starting a new interactive adventure called “Growing Healthy Meals”.  Throughout the course of the project, we are going to share our own horticultural struggles and triumphs and give you some tips we learn in the process.

We’re challenging all of you, friends, to join the garden party contest. Woo!  The details of the contest are on the website.   Look for the menu tab “Dig It”!

To kick this thing off, I’m going to introduce you to my first garden test of the year.

Mr. Peanut

This was a give-a-way at a recent trade show I attended with work.  And in full disclosure, I know a little (enough to get by) about gardening but I know ZERO about growing peanuts.  I had really just assumed that since the trade show was in southern Pennsylvania that I’d be successful in Delaware harvesting enough peanuts to have homemade peanut butter for the rest of the year.  This minor detail was brought to my attention, but even after some googling, I still don’t know for sure.  I’m almost sure that you can pretty much grow anything anywhere as long as you adjust for different things.  I will keep the updates coming.

I’ve never made homemade peanut butter.  I’m not concerned that I won’t succeed at it, but I am concerned with what I’m going to do if  I get an abundant crop of peanuts.  What else am I going to do with them??

A piece of advice I have for any of you that will be trying out your green thumb.  Plant things that you will use, in the quantity you will use them.  I was so happy with my garden last year until I realized that I had too much basil, too much parsley, too many cucmbers, etc.  The space I havededicated to my mini-farm is relatively small and I most definitely could have been more efficient at using the space.  This is what my garden looks like, currently.  (The green in the middle is that parsley I was talking about (I do not use that much parsley…!) with a more appropriate amount of thyme next to it. On the bottom right is 1 of 2 small strawberry plants that were suffocated by cucumbers last year.  And on the left are tulips that I did not plant but just appeared!)

I think that when I went to the garden store and saw all of the delicious things I could grow it was like going grocery shopping hungry.  Not a great idea, by the way.  The one thing that I think that I would have used a lot of, tomatoes, ended up getting some sort of infestation or plague and died just before they were ready to flower. I was very sad.  One day they looked great, the next I had 2 tomato skeletons 😦

This year, I know I need to put a bit more planning into it.

Hopefully, what I’ve learned through my previous mistakes and the lessons I’m about to learn this year, can help others be successful in edible gardening.  Despite my lack of knowledge, I really like being able to have fresh herbs, fruits and veggies at my disposal in the summertime and I hope that others will find this out too!

Let’s grow!  😉  Happy Earth Day!


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