Some people get bored with leftovers.  The Parsley Pesto Spaghetti dish was a perfect base to make additional anddifferent meals with.  In fact, I made 3 different leftover variations with PPS as a base.  In addition to being a good way to get Vitamins A & C, 1/2 a cup of parsley also contains almost as much chlorophyll as spinach.  You might remember chlorophyll from elementary school science as the green part of plants that helps with photosynthesis (you do remember, right?).  Chlorophyll may also have anti-cancer and antioxidant properties, but a lot of research still needs to be done.

In the mean time, I present to you 3 more PPS meals:

Leftover Dish 1:  I took Gardein Beefless Tips and cooked them in a frying pan with 1 spritz of cooking spray.  There were some brown bits (that’s a technical term… ) in the pan that I took up with a little cooking wine brought to a boil.  I put the “beef” and reduced wine over the green pasta, topping it all with some fresh, diced tomato. Yum.  I call this “sophisticated taco pasta”.  Even though the herb cilantro is typically used in Mexican dishes, you can substitute parsley, which I prefer.

Leftover Dish 2:  I had ½ a can of tuna left over, too.  So, I took my PPS, put the tuna on top and drizzled on some balsamic vinegar before reheating.

Leftover Dish 3: I brought the last little bit of PPS to work with some small white beans.  I had intended on trying balsamic again but I forgot it at home, so I used some left over red wine vinegar that I found in the break room from when we had salad brought in for a catered lunch.  Not too shabby…!

I don't normally eat at my desk. It's a health no-no.

(Notice how much better the picture of Leftover Dish 3 is?  It equals how jealous I am of the camera at my work… boo.)

All of the leftovers were really good.  I never once felt unenthusiastic about my next meal.   I think the tuna version was my favorite, though!  That’s why there’s no picture!  I just wanted to eat it! Sorry!


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