Household Exercising: Boycotting the Gym for a Day

So you’ve got your exercise regimen down and, dare I say it, you’re a pro at navigating the gym. But sometimes, getting to that haven of juice heads and gym rats is the last thing you feel like doing. Yesterday I felt exactly like that, even though I had the entire day ahead of me. Instead of vegging out, I decided to try to knock out some chores and see how sweaty I could get. And, voila! I felt like I got a good workout, got my chores done, and avoided the guilt of a missed workout.

Don't feel like doing this today?
Don’t feel like doing this today?

Here’s some ideas you can use if you feel like boycotting your regular exercise for the day but still reaping the benefits of cardio and strength training!

1. Clean everything at warp speed.

Well, not warp speed. But try to get your heart rate up while you’re wiping surfaces, vacuuming, moving furniture, or doing laundry loads. How about a few overhead lifts using that full laundry basket? P.S., listening to music is a perfect energy tool for back-to-back chores.

2. Rearrange furniture.

If you’ve been feeling like the feng shui isn’t quite right in your home, go ahead and try a new arrangement. Heck, try three new arrangements. You’ll use a lot of energy moving that heavy furniture back and forth. Also, if you know a friend who is moving somewhere or needs their place rearranged, offer to help out. “Good Samaritan” and “burning calories” can go in the same sentence.

3. Clean your car…like a pro.

This can turn into a day-long endeavor if you’re serious about your wheels. De-cluttering, vacuuming, wiping, washing and waxing are perfect calorie burners. If you live in an apartment or any place where your car isn’t ten steps away, consider it a bonus! The more time you put in, the more you’ll get out of it.

4. Go grocery shopping.

And don’t load eleven bags into each hand when you’re bringing the goods inside (yes, I’m guilty of that, too). Take advantage of the walking time and make several trips to get your bags. Every step counts.

5. Knock out that big project.

Do you have a serious project looming in the back of your mind? Painting a room or going through all your belongings to figure out what can be donated to charity can easily turn into a fast-paced activity that will get your heart pumping.

6. Landscape, landscape, landscape.

If you’re lucky enough to have a yard to work in, consider taking up gardening. It’s the perfect way to get some fresh air and tone your muscles by lifting bags of mulch and digging holes. Just remember to wear sunscreen!

So if you’re feeling bored of the gym, or you have chores hanging over your head, why not do two at once? There are a multitude of ways household chores can turn into exercise. Try a few!


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