What Motivates You?

Sigh… We’ve all been there before.  We are in the midst of training for a race, or a competition, or simply just trying to follow a schedule.  It’s a Saturday morning and your bed feels like a warm ca-coon.  It’s the Friday afternoon of the workweek from hell or examageddon at school.  You know what you have to get done… it’s just getting it done, is the hard part.  So my question for you is, what motivates you?  

You’re an athlete, you’re a competitor, you’re a champion, and you’re stubborn as all can be… but you are also human?  

We want to hear from you! Comment below and share with others the tricks, trades, and game changers that get you motivated and back on track when everything else in life is telling you to slow down.


– Team Remix


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