Step Away From The Energy Drink…

Once 2 o’clock, or let’s be honest, earlier than that, rolls around for many of us, we are ready to curl up under our desks, hope to not get noticed, and take a nap. Mid-day or late-night energy slumps are as common as last minute exam cram sessions or major projects yet to be finished at work.

Instead of reaching for the bevy of overly caffeinated, sugar-packed energy drinks, it is worth trying more natural options, such as adding a packet of a vitamin c powder to your water bottle (I always find that having a stash of Emergen-c packets in my bag is helpful) when you are beginning to feel tired.  The powder contains high levels (1,000 mg) of vitamin C, but also contains 25 mcg of vitamin B12, which many people report gives an instant feeling of energy (making it one of the vitamins that is also heavily used in most energy drinks). Isolating this vitamin, whether through a powder, pill, or even a gum (!) gives you the benefits of the B12 without the harmful levels of caffeine and sugar, which should also prevent the post-energy drink crash.

Note: some even go as far as to get B12 injections regularly (most do monthly) to maintain the energy boost the vitamin gives them. Though, of course, such an action should be approved and carried out following consultation with a doctor.

Sipping, or chewing, on water/drinks infused with these vitamins will not only help keep your energy levels up, but will also ensure that you are keeping hydrated (dehydration could also lead to the feeling of fatigue). As an added perk, the consumption of vitamin c will help keep your immune system up!


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