Fall Into Health

I love fall.  Have I told you yet how much I love fall?

It’s the only time of the year when wearing jeans and a hoody is pretty much acceptable for all occasions.  It’s when retailers and restaurants can add the words cinnamon and pumpkin to pretty much anything and people will flock to it like free beer on a college campus (Speaking of beer, for great fall beers see: Pumpking by Southern Tier Brewing, Octoberfest by Samuel Adams Brewery, and Indian Brown Ale by Dogfish Head Brewery). It’s the bonfires on crisp fall evenings, the romanticism of changing leaves, and most importantly, it’s college football.

If I didn’t grow up being such a beach baby, fall would definitely be my favorite time of the year.

This year the RemixYourHealth family is extremely excited to launch our first ever “Fall into Health” initiative.  Before we all tucker ourselves in our snuggies for winter hibernation, we have a couple of more weeks to be active comfortably outdoors, embrace the flavors and tastes of fall, and watch southern Delaware launch bad ass Jack-o-lantern’s thousands of feet across open farmland (see Punkin Chunkin).

So let’s roll up our J.Crew flannel sleeves, pull up our Lucky Jeans, and grab our favorite pair of trail shoes, uggs (ugh), timbs, Birkenstocks or whatever you fancy and let’s get moving and get healthy.

Here’s how to get involved with our initiative:

  • Join the movement on Facebook here
  • Vote and check off accomplishing your favorite fall activities on our interactive poll on our Facebook Page
  • Use the hashtag #fallingintohealth on Twitter when talking about your favorite fall activities
  • Subscribe to this blog to keep up to date on all of RemixYourHealth’s suggestions and tips on great fall activities, events, and recipes
  • Check-in on foursquare at your favorite workout spot, gym, park, trail, healthy eatery, etc.

And if you want to see what I am up to this fall, feel free to follow me on foursquare under Corey M. Schwartz.

So come join RemixYourHealth’s “Fall into Health” initiative and help us make healthy things social.  Don’t forget to “Like Us” on Facebook too!

And to start us off… here is a great blog out of Philly from my amazing friend Vicki highlighting some delicious healthy fall recipes: http://falling4food.wordpress.com/  This is a must follow blog in my mind!

Bon Apetit!


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