Breakfast is for Champions

When you can no longer fight the alarm clock, the first thing on your mind is likely making your way to a coffee pot, not thinking about digesting a balanced meal.  But, studies time and time again have shown the importance of eating a balanced, nutritious breakfast.

Health monitoring site Sparkpeople reports that “the first – and easiest – step you should take towards becoming more healthy is so, so simple; it’s eating breakfast. Breakfast eaters get myriad benefits including: a revved up metabolism started early so that it burns the maximum number of calories to fuel your activities, fewer total calories consumed throughout the day, and an increased leptin output.”  Leptin is a hormone that suppresses appetite.

For those of us like myself (which is likely similar to the large majority the working population), breakfast is consumed in the time it takes to get from the door of your house to the door of your office or classroom. So, convenience is key. Because of this, sugar-packed granola bars and the like have been able to garner a strong breakfast-market following. But, sugar burns through your system quickly and leaves you even hungrier than you before the sugar spike.

The Mayo Clinic outlined the basics makeup of a healthy breakfast:

  • Whole grains. Examples include whole-grain rolls, bagels, hot or cold whole-grain cereals, low-fat bran muffins, or crackers.
  • Low-fat protein. Examples include peanut butter, lean meat, poultry or fish, or hard-boiled eggs.
  • Low-fat dairy. Examples include skim milk, low-fat yogurt and low-fat cheeses, such as cottage and natural cheeses.
  • Fruits and vegetables. Examples include fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, 100 percent juice beverages without added sugar, or fruit and vegetable smoothies.

Even a five minute investment every morning could add up to make a real difference in bolstering immediate energy levels and sustained weight and health management.


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