Where is Your Favorite Place to Get Your Run/Walk On?

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Have a great weekend everyone!

– Team Remix


  One thought on “Where is Your Favorite Place to Get Your Run/Walk On?

  1. December 9, 2011 at 7:42 pm

    Personally, I live to vary the scenery! When I have time, I love to drive out to the trails in Baltimore County (I love in Baltimore City), especially the NCR trail, which is an old train track that was made into a running/biking/walking trail. The trail runs from Baltimore County all the way up to York, PA- which means it goes for 41 miles! The scenery is beautiful- you run parallel to the gunpowder river, and depending on what segment of the trail you run, you see anything from horses, farms, preserved victorian-era homes, huge rock walls, waterfalls, rapids, and tons of beautiful trees and plants- plus a lot of friendly runners! When I am pressed for time, I run near where I live, but I like to explore the area and find new places to run. I rarely run the same exact route twice, which makes it exciting because I never know what I will discover! I also like to incorporate some steep hills into my runs, so I have a favorite street near my house with a bunch of hills that I include in my run at some point everyday. Two places I don’t enjoy running? Inside (on treadmills) and on circular tracks/paths. I get bored too fast!
    Also, I LOVE traveling and running in new places. Running is my favorite way to explore a new city- it is amazing what you can discover while running that you would NEVER find if you were driving a car or riding in a taxi.


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