A Buzzer-Beater of a Workout

I know we find ourselves at the awkward point in the year where college bowl games have been decided but not yet played, basketball is still in non-conference play, other fall sports have wrapped up and we look to the spring of collegiate athletics to remind us what we love about college sports — the hardwork and dedication of collegiate athletes.

But, don’t be confused — at Indiana University — it has always been about the basketball. I joined Hoosier Nation in May 2009, just shortly after head men’s basketball coach, Tom Crean. I learned two things real quick: 1.) Tom Crean was already a local hero & 2.) basketball tickets are near impossible to come by. Since then, I’d taken in a Winter Break game each winter since I’ve been here — the only time that season ticket holders don’t sell-out the Hall.

After an 8-0 start and the promise of good game against (#1) Kentucky, I knew there’d be no chance of getting a ticket, but what to do about the game? I couldn’t miss it. For the NC State game, I remembered I had happened upon the game on tv at the gym. I managed to fit my workout in the time it took for them to play the second half — and earn a win. So, I headed back to the gym last night to cheer on my Hoosiers and cheer on my own weightloss journey.

Two and a half hours, 9.5 running miles, 12 total miles, and 2,200 calories later… this happened!

The good news is you don’t need a buzzer-beater game to honor your team and your journey. Give this a try:

Pregame Show: slow walk warm-up,low incline (usually about 10-15 min)
At Tip-Off: bump up your speed to a comfortable run and settle in (time varies based on play)
Halftime: slow down to a walk (5 min), grab water/hit the bathroom/etc (10 min), start back at walk pace (5 min)
During the 2nd Half: return to run speed, if needed slow down to a walk during time-outs (time varies based on play)
Postgame Interviews: slow walk cool-down, low incline (about 5 min)

Some things to remember:

  • Be a good sport: honor club/center rules about maximum use times.
  • Change it up: the runs can easily be replaced with time on the elliptical, bike or stair machine.
  • Don’t go mad: this kind of workout would be just irresponsible during March Madness. 🙂
  • Hold on: when Christian Watford made his shot the gym went crazy, and I almost fell off my treadmill. Yikes.

Most importantly, if your team won’t be finding itself on TV much this season, I lovingly invite you to adopt the Indiana University Hoosiers, we’re back! Here’s to more moments like this: (Photo courtesy of Brad Wisler.)


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