Protecting Yourself With Jack Frost Nipping At Your Nose

Sitting at your desk, you glance down at your keyboard to notice your not so pleasant-looking, cracked hands. You are not alone. Lately, you may have also noticed a change in skin texture, cracking of the lips, and dry hair. Most of these high maintenance changes can be attributed to the recent, and not-so-subtle trend in cold weather.

There are some easy solutions, though, to these nagging issues that will keep your skin and hair as healthy and natural looking as they were 4 months ago, when you were lounging on the beach.

Winds and low temperatures leave the air outside dry, consequently leaving your skin feeling just as dry and chapped. For dry skin, I always like to use Palmer’s cocoa butter. It comes in a tub as paste or in a more fluid form in a squeezable tube. Just apply an adequate layer, however, often or little as your thirsty skin desires. Some added benefits of cocoa butter: it is effective against eczema and prevents stretch marks. Plus, as an added bonus, it smells great!

Many do not realize it, but lips are a part of your skin, and should be treated as such. Although the sun may be less visible during the wintertime, the harmful UV rays are still present. Just as it is recommended to use an SPF 15 face lotion year-round, a chapstick with SPF does the same good in keeping those lips moisturized and free from sun damage. Additionally, petroleum jelly can be used as a quick fix to chapped lips as well as a tool for increasing the skin on your face’s elasticity (apply a layer of petroleum jelly before going to bed as a thin face mask, and wake up with your skin feeling as refreshed as ever!). It can also serve to moisturize your skin—covering your hands and feet in it before bed, and wearing socks after will also work to lock in the moisture, leaving your skin ready to tackle the day ahead in the morning! As a note: much coveted “couture” lotions, such as Le Mer, which sells for over $200 a pot and have loyal followers, consists largely of petroleum jelly.

Last item on the dry list: hair. The cold air pries the moisture out of our hair, making it look dull and dried out. To re-moisturize your hair, steer clear of those beaming-hot showers, and aim to take cooler showers (helps with the heating bill, too). When walking outside, try to wear a hat and/or scarf to protect the tips and roots of your hair, thereby preventing the dreaded split-ends. As always, a good conditioner can go a long way- try to use more organic ingredient-based conditioners (Burt’s Bees offers a variety of fruity-scented conditioners at an inexpensive price), rather than using ones with harsher chemicals, or high alcohol content, which also dries hair out.


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