Writers/Tumblr’s Wanted!

We want you – plain and simple.  You’re smart, your educated, you enjoy living a healthy lifestyle and perhaps you even like writing!  RemixYourHealth runs solely on the wisdom, inspiration, and wittiness of people like you who generously donate their time and knowledge to help make this world a healthier place to live.  Peer health education at its’ finest.

We want you to join our team and this is how:

1.) Join our blog as a writer.  You can write as frequent or infrequent as you would like.  No deadlines, no quota, no pressure.  Share your creativity and wisdom on ways to live a healthier lifestyle one blog post at a time.  Interested in joining our team?  Shoot me an e-mail at corey@remixyourhealth.com.  Here is an awesome chance to represent your school or alma mater, support a great cause, enhance your writing portfolio and add something to the resume!

2.) Submit content to the RemixYourHealth Project 365 on Tumblr.  What motivates, inspires, and helps you to promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle?  Here is your chance to submit a picture, video, song, quote, lyrics, and/or story that illustrates what makes you healthy, do healthy things, gets you motivated, or provide
you with the inspiration you need to achieve your goals.  The good, the bad, the ugly, we want it all.  Make sure to add a quick description, explanation, or reasoning behind your submission. We look forward in collaborating to make life healthier one day at a time.   www.remixyourhealth.tumblr.com/submit

3.) Fan Us on Facebook.  www.facebook.com/RemixYourHealth

4.) Follow Us on Twitter.  http://twitter.com/RemixYourHealth

5.) Join our Team – Director of College Recruitment.  We are currently looking for an emerging leader to volunteer and fill this position with RemixYourHealth. For more information on the job description, please click here. Feel free to contact Corey at corey@remixyourhealth.com with any questions.


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