RemixYourHealth Fan Drive!

Here’s the scoop: You like health, we like health.  You have friends, we have friends.  You like music, we like music.  You like RemixYourHealth, we like you.  And now… we want to show you how much we appreciate your support.

Starting right now, we are having the 1st ever RemixYourHealth Fan Drive!  Simply “Fan Us” on Facebook, “Follow Us” on Twitter, “Follow” our blog and get as many of your friends to do so too!


Fan Us on Facebook                                     Follow Us on Twitter                                 Follow Us on WordPress

Then, on Monday, March 5th at 8p EST the RemixYourHealth Fan Drive will come to a close.  At that point, submit to us via e-mail ( a list of names of all the people you got to support RemixYourHealth during that week and the person who provides us with the most support will receive a $50 iTunes gift card.  That’s right, a $50 iTunes gift card just for sharing the health.

Oh yeah, and we will select at random one of your newbie followers of RemixYourHealth and give them a $15 iTunes gift card too!

Help us spread the health! Ready? 1-2-3- Team Remix, go!


Disclaimer:  To be considered for the prize, each contestant must bring at least 10 different followers combined through Facebook, Twitter, and the Blog to be considered eligible to win.

Any questions? E-mail Corey at



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