Nuts About Coconuts!

Coconut drinks are growing in popularity right now, and for good reason. After discovering the reasons why it is the next super food, I have become addicted to the delicious beverage, coconut milk.

Why YOU should be drinking coconut milk:

  1. Weight Loss: It makes you feel full because of the high fiber and the healthy fats in each serving.  Don’t be scared away because you see the word “fat”. Healthy fats help you feel full, control your appetite and are necessary for overall health.  People who eat healthy fats have an easier time losing and maintaining a healthy weight than those who don’t!
  1. Healthy Immune System: Coconut milk contains acids and Vitamin C that not only fight the common cold, but also fight off unwanted bacteria and serious viruses. I started drinking coconut milk at the beginning of the winter season, and I noticed a dramatic decrease in the amount of colds I got, as well as the length they lasted! 
  1. Strong Bones: It is rich is phosphorus, which is necessary for strengthening bones and preventing bone loss.  A must for all ages, shapes, and sizes. 
  1. Heart Health: The medium-chain fatty acids in the milk promote heart health and ward off bacteria and diseases that can lead to heart disease.  Ladies, this is especially important for you, as heart disease is the leading killer in women.
  1. Beautiful Skin: The Copper and Vitamin C keep skin flexible and elastic. It can also prevent wrinkles and repair sagging. Who needs Botox?
  1. Relaxes Muscles and Nerves: Drink a glass after working out, a long day, or on a study break to relax tense muscles and to calm over-active nerve cells. This will help relieve stress and allow you to be more focused.
  1. Prevents Anemia: Anemia is a common problem that many women suffer from, including myself, due to iron deficiency. One cup of coconut milk supplies about a quarter of the necessary daily iron intake.
  1. Healthy Prostate: Guys, this one is for you.  The zinc in each serving promotes a healthy prostate and slows down cancer cell activity.

These are just eight reasons why coconut milk is the super food that should be in everyone’s fridge.  However, remember: everything in moderation. You only need a cup a day to get the full benefits.


My favorite brand is So Delicious in the vanilla flavor. It tastes like a vanilla milkshake! So Delicious is also Jillian Michael’s, the former Biggest Loser trainer, favorite too.  You can see the “Queen of Lean” trainer featured on the carton to promote the product.  If that doesn’t convince you to try it, I don’t know what will.

Drink up and enjoy!



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