The 2012 Belly Buster March Madness

Ok, I’m not going to lie… I’ve been counting down the days until we got to post this year’s Belly Buster March Madness™.  Truth be told, this is probably Jo Anna and I’s favorite project with RemixYourHealth.  Don’t get me wrong; I love working with and recruiting writers and all of the wonderful content they have shared with the RemixYourHealth community.  Call me crazy, but there is just something both awesome and extremely nerdy about making a bracket of 32 fruits and vegetables and mimicking the NCAA’s March Madness.

2011 was the first year we launched this gem and in three short weeks, we had over 4,500 votes.  It was unbelievable.  In fact, it was unimaginable.  You would not believe how competitive and protective people got over their favorite fruits and vegetables.  Especially when team grapes upset team apple in the 2nd round.  People were going bananas I tell yah.

But it’s a new year and we have a couple of new fruits and vegetables that won their conference championships and earned an automatic bid.  In their first appearance to the show in 2012, will Team Watermelon, Onion, or Avocado make it out of the first round?  Will we have a Cinderella story on our hands this year? Or will our reigning champion Team Pineapple bring home the ring again this year?  Only time will tell.

So how does it work?  You, the viewers, your friends, and anyone you share this with will be the sole deciders of the outcome of this bracket.  How so — By simply voting.  Conference by conference, round by round, you will vote on the match-ups ultimately deciding the winner of the 2012 Belly Buster March Madness™.

Now, let the games begin…



First Round Fruits – March 11-14th (unlimited voting)

First Round Vegetables – March 15-18th (unlimited voting)

Sweet 16 – March 19-23rd (unlimited voting)

Eat 8 – March 24-28th (unlimited voting)

Final 4 – March 29-31st (limited voting)

Final –  April 1-2nd (limited voting)

The Conferences and Rankings

Apples to Oranges Conference                Life’s a Peach Conference

#1 Blueberries                                                                                          #1 Peach

#2 Strawberries                                                                                       #2 Pineapple

#3 Oranges                                                                                              #3 Lemon

#4 Grapefruit                                                                                           #4 Raspberries

#5 Apple                                                                                                   #5 Banana

#6 Watermelon                                                                                     #6 Plum

#7 Pear                                                                                                     #7  Kiwi

#8  Lime                                                                                                  #8 Grapes

Potato, Potahto  Conference                  Holy Guacamole! Conference

#1 Sweet Potato                                                                                   #1 Asparagus

#2 Spinach                                                                                           #2 Carrot

#3 Broccoli                                                                                           #3 Avocado

#4 Potato                                                                                              #4 Zucchini

#5 Cauliflower                                                                                    #5 Eggplant

#6 Cucumber                                                                                       #6 Mushroom

#7 Lettuce                                                                                            #7  Tomato

#8  Onion                                                                                            #8 Bell Pepper

Vote Now!

Scouting Reports (Apples to Oranges Conference)


Scouting Reports (Life’s a Peach Conference)



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