The 2012 Belly Buster March Madness: It’s Veggie Time!

Alright, so we have successfully completed the 1st round of match-ups in the fruit side of the bracket.  Any surprises?  Any disappointments?  Well for one, there will be no start of a Belly Buster March Madness dynasty as Team Pineapple is TKO’ed in the first round of games this year.  That means Team Peach along with Team Apple, Team Orange, Team Watermelon, Team Lime, Team Grapes, Team Kiwi, and Team Banana all move on to the 2nd round.

Now it’s time to let the games begin with the 16 brutal battles between these vegetables with some rivalries stemming all the way back to last season’s playoff games.  The two conferences; Potato, Potahto and Holy Guacamole break down as follows:

Potato, Potahto  Conference                  Holy Guacamole! Conference

#1 Sweet Potato                                                                                   #1 Asparagus

#2 Spinach                                                                                           #2 Carrot

#3 Broccoli                                                                                           #3 Avocado

#4 Potato                                                                                              #4 Zucchini

#5 Cauliflower                                                                                    #5 Eggplant

#6 Cucumber                                                                                       #6 Mushroom

#7 Lettuce                                                                                            #7  Tomato

#8  Onion                                                                                            #8 Bell Pepper



To read the scouting reports on these two conferences match-ups, please click on the appropriate links below.

Scouting Reports for the Potato, Potahto Conference

Scouting Reports for the Holy Guacamole Conference


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