The 2012 Belly Buster March Madness: Eat 8

So the “Oh so Sweet 16” round of the Belly Buster March Madness is over.  Voters came out in droves with over 500 votes, 16 fruits and vegetables, and 8 grueling match-ups later we have our “Eat 8” Belly Buster March Madness bracket set.  In the second round of match-ups we saw three #3 ranked teams (Team Orange, Team Broccoli, and Team Avocado) taking the shopping cart back home to their local grocer.  We also witnessed what happens when you really compare apples with oranges, as Team Apple came out on top.

Truth be told, we still have a possible Cinderella story on our hands as #8 seeds Team Grapes and Team Bell Pepper are continuing to persevere through their match-ups.  Meanwhile, two #1 seeds remain in the tournament as Team Sweet Potato and Team Peach continue to show why they were the top two teams during the regular season.

This leaves us with Team Apple, Team Watermelon, Team Grapes, Team Peach, Team Sweet Potato, Team Cucumber, Team Zucchini and Team Bell Pepper all still vying for a chance to make Belly Buster history in digesting their way through opponents to the championship.  Only time and your votes will tell who is the ultimate Belly Buster March Madness champion.


The following fruit match-ups for round 3 look like this:


#5 Team Apple Vs. #6 Team Watermelon

#8 Team Grapes Vs. #1 Team Peach


Scouting Reports for Apples to Orange Conference Finals

Scouting Reports Life’s a Peach Conference Finals


The following vegetable match-ups for round 2 look like this:


#1 Team Sweet Potato Vs. #6 Team Cucumber

#4 Team Zucchini Vs. #8 Team Bell Pepper


Scouting Reports for Potato, Potahto Conference Finals

Scouting Reports for Holy Guacamole Conference Finals



Vote Now

(Voting ends for this round on March 28th)



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