The 2012 Belly Buster March Madness: Final Four


The results are in and we are moving on to the Final Four, baby!  In this year’s Fruit Conference final we will see a match-up between the powerhouse of the 2012 regular season #1 ranked Team Peach and the well-rounded, feisty #6 ranked Team Watermelon.  In an unbelievable upset that would make even Gonzaga proud, Team Watermelon knocked out the perennial fan favorite Team Apple in the conference semi-finals.  It was such a sweet win for Team Watermelon.

In this year’s Vegetable Conference final we will see a match-up made-for-salad with two underdog teams going after the title of “Vegetable of the Year.”  The #6 ranked Team Cucumber squeaked by the #1 ranked Team Sweet Potato to move on to the conference finals.  After a devastating loss, Team Sweet Potato seemed to be doing Ok as they were buttered up and given lots of “brown sugar” when they got back to campus for their run in the tournament.  

Lastly, in a Cinderella story made for a Shish Kabob, the #8 ranked Team Bell Pepper has been plowing through their opponents left and right to make it to the Vegetable conference final.  Do they have enough variety to overcome Team Cucumber?  Only time will tell!


The following Fruit conference final match-up looks like this:


#1 Team Peach vs. #6 Team Watermelon

Scouting Reports Fruit Final 2012


The following vegetable match-ups for round 2 look like this:


#6 Team Cucumber vs. #8 Team Bell Pepper

Scouting Reports Vegetable Final 2012



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(Voting ends for this round on April 1st)




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