The 2012 Belly Buster March Madness: Championship Game!

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for… 4200 votes, 32 fruits and vegetables, 30 match-ups later and we are down to the last two teams left!  The #6 ranked Team Watermelon and the #6 ranked Team Cucumber are facing off for the title of “2012 Belly Buster March Madness Champion.”  How’d they get to this point? Let’s take a look.

Team Watermelon started off the tournament by knocking out the #1 seed Team Blueberry in the first round and showed true dominance in the second round against #8 seed Team Lime and in the third round against #5 see Team Apple.  Lastly, in the Fruit Championship game, Team Watermelon took an early lead against #1 seed Team Peach and never looked back.  Today, Team Watermelon looks very hydrated and ready to rock and roll.

Then, on the other side of the coin, the #6 ranked Team Cucumber knocked out the #8 see Team onion to squeaked out of the first round of the tournament.  In the second round, they won a nail bitter to #3 ranked Team Broccoli and edged out the #1 seeded Team Sweet Potato with another close game.  After a rough first half in the Vegetable Championship game, Team Cucumber came back to knockout #8 seed Team Bell Pepper, the Cinderella story of the 2012 Belly Buster March Madness.  With several days off, Team Cucumber looks well rested, re-hydrated, and ready to de-seed Team Watermelon for a taste of the ring.


The Championship Match-up looks like this:

#6 Team Cucumber vs. #6 Team Watermelon

Scouting Reports for the 2012 BBMM Championship Game


















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