Manpacks: Helping College Males Survive Life One Box at a Time

 Let’s face it, college is the only place where it’s socially acceptable to wear school sweatpants three days a week. Getting up for that 9:00 a.m. class is hard enough without worrying about finding the motivation to throw on some jeans. Nothing says, “I’m an overworked, overtired and underappreciated student” quite like wearing three-day-old socks, sweatpants and a baggy hoodie to microeconomics. Thanks to Manpacks, there’s a way to look a whole lot more put together than you actually are.

Ken’s Story

Ken Johnson, Manpacks co-founder, knows exactly what that’s like. He studied Literature, Sociology and Philosophy at the University of Vermont. When he graduated, he partnered with a former band member to build a web service that allowed artists to book events without agents. While building this new company, they thought: “Wouldn’t it be great if underwear, socks and shaving supplies were delivered to our door? Why shop for things we know we are going to need?”

So they threw down $500 on some inventory, built a website and Manpacks was born. Who wants to shop at Target or expose their nasty underwear to band groupies (or Senior girls)? Here are three reasons you needed Manpacks in your life, like, yesterday.

1. College students have a million things to do.

Gamma Phi Beta is throwing a sweet party this weekend, Jimmy just found a new bar downtown and you scored a date with the cute girl from Starbucks. There’s beer pong balls to be tossed, cups to be flipped and karaoke to be sung. I think there’s an essay due on Monday too, but whatever.

College students are always busy doing important things. Whether there’s a final or just awesome weekend plans, there’s no time for assessing your underwear, socks, and razors (now that Mom isn’t around to take care of you). And no one wants to be reminded that they forgot to stock up on condoms on a Saturday night. Manpacks checks in with you every three months to restock your basics, and gives you more time for doing the things that matter most.

2. Personal hygiene is the first to go.

With college students juggling so many things at once, it’s no surprise that a couple are bound to drop. And personal hygiene is almost always the first to go.

Your professors can’t ban you from class for looking like Ke$ha’s brother, so who cares if you misplaced your toothbrush four days ago? Even if they could ban you from class, they definitely wouldn’t. Then who would buy their $105 newly published books? Fortunately, having a pack filled with body wash, shampoo, a new toothbrush and whatever else show up on your doorstep makes it pretty hard to ignore the fact that you look a little too much like Jack Sparrow.

By subscribing to a monthly service like Manpacks, there is less worry about having all the products you need available to maintain your scholarly hygiene. In fact, you can start, stop, pause, and update your product needs as you go. But let me say, a new toothbrush every three months is not only doctor recommended, it’s Manpacks recommended. Why should you care? Ask the next girl you try to kiss how your breath and knickers smell. I am sure she’ll be thankful you maintain your pearly whites and and sport underwear sans skid-marks.

3. Public transit is nobody’s friend.

Most likely your college campus has a few stores handy for the things you need; razors, shaving cream, condoms. But it lacks the other essentials like great boxers, t-shirts and socks.  Grabbing a buddy and jumping on the bus is not worth the trip to pick up a pair of briefs.

Even if you had your own car, what a waste of gas and time. You’re a man, you study hard in school (assuming) are a grade-A bar star, and shouldn’t be bothered with making a round trip to the store to pick up stuff you hate wasting time on. It can all come to you, instead.

So, instead of wasting hours getting to, through and from the store, just put that stuff on autopilot. You’ve got a party to crash and a philosophy paper to write (maybe).

For more information on Manpacks and how to start receiving your little bundles of joy, please check out their website at


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