How do we deal with the Nicholas Sparks folklore in a hookup culture?


We’ve all seen the big screen adaptations of the novels. “The Notebook.” “The Last Song.” “Nights on Rodanthe.” “A Walk to Remember.” Most recently, “The Lucky One.” I have yet to find a Nicholas Sparks book that does not follow the hopeless romantic model. Troubled girl meets guy, sparks fly, and then suddenly before they can explore the relationship, one or both are met with a natural disaster, death, jealous rage, disease, etc. Skip to 100 pages in, indulge in a scene of heavy breathing and/or passionate love, preceding an event where one or both are met with a  natural disaster, death, jealous rage, or disease that requires a valiant effort of love to overcome. The End.

Now that rant being ranted, I have to say, no, I am not a cynic. In fact, I can attest to being quite the opposite. I live for the romantic escapism rarely found anywhere but a Nicholas Sparks novel. I love it the way Frankie Muniz loves cars. Which in case you didn’t know, is a hell of a whole lot. I blame this partially, if not fully, on my astrological sign (Libra) ruled by the mythological Venus, goddess of love. But I digress.

In a conversation with a friend i was unintentionally (or so I hope) ridiculed for such romanticism. I am a gal that lives for the precious subtle human interactions – the moments to get lost in. Lingering hugs, heated side glances, those hand grazes, the works. So I love a good hug/head nestle combo, sue me. Though it’s been quite some time since i was literally laughed at to my face for such notions, one question continues to dominate my mental schema. Is being a romantic overrated?

For a good portion of we newly young professionals “dating” has become “hanging out” or “talking.” I don’t even mention the term hooking up because that can mean anything from a RBI to a grand slam in the realm of passion. It’s all become a mess. I can’t be alone in wanting to see a little romancin’ in this world for our generation. Now I’m not saying every suitor should meet the parentals and extended family on a first date, but is it out of line to suggest some consistent sober hangouts in the sunlight? Giggles and lingering hugs included.

Now this is not to say that romance has completely become extinct. One of my best friends has, I daresay, met the love of her life shockingly as a senior in college. Their first kiss was nothing short of magical and from that moment their relationship has taken flight. Not to say that there haven’t been any bumps in the road, that would be far too Disney for the world’s liking.

Perhaps it is too idealistic of me to hope for some romance for this generation, but I think I’ll keep my lingering hugs and Nicholas Sparks novels. Because at the end of the day, who doesn’t want a glorious romp in the rain with Ryan Gosling? Thought so.

I’ll end with the question I posed earlier for you Remix-ers out there – Is being a romantic overrated? leave musings, videos, or photos sharing your thoughts and stories!


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