The Remix 100: The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

Whether we’ve carefully thought it out, wrote it down, or just acted on a whim, we all have a list of things we want to attempt/accomplish/try before we die.  Some people call this “living” and some call it spontaneity, but regardless there’s just something about summer that makes human beings more adventurous, more curious, and most definitely more flirtatious.

With the start of summer right around the corner, RemixYourHealth is proud to introduce our summer of 2012 “Remix 100” — the ultimate summer bucket list.  Below are 100 moments, 100 smiles, laughs, tears, adventures, and fears for you to attempt, scratch off, and experience this summer.  We want you to participate!  We want you to share your experiences, your attempts, and your success with not only the RemixYourHealth family but with the rest of the world.

How does this work?  Between now and Labor Day we want you to attack this list, not only as an individual but as a community as well.  Yes we want to see how many of these things you can complete and document yourself, but also, by working together as a community, see if we can actually knock out the entire list?  Dudes, we totally got this.

Throughout the summer we encourage you to share your posts either via e-mail to Remix ( or on social media by tagging us or providing the hash-tag of #Remix100.  Make sure to mention what number on the list you are featuring.

To share yours and our success throughout the summer, we encourage you to join our open event on Facebook and invite your friends.  Our goal is to have 1,000,000 people across the world working towards one goal: accomplishing dreams, taking risks, and living life to its fullest. 




The Remix 100

1. Crash a wedding

2. Swim with dolphins

3. Ask a stranger for his/her number (Call me, maybe?)

4. Go to a drive-in movie theater, or movie outside

5. See a comedy show

6. Bike ride from coast to coast

7. Have an impromptu beach volleyball tournament

8. Race go-karts and throw a banana peel in front of your competitor to try to slip them up

9. Learn how to drive a stick shift

10.  Learn to salsa dance

11. Ride on an elephant

12. Shower in a waterfall

13. Grab someone sexy

14. Tell them hey

15. Crowd surf at a concert

16. Learn a new language

17. Watch turtles hatch and run to the ocean

18. Watch drunk people try to swim in the ocean and then stumble back to the beach

19. Try a beer brewed from every state in the US

20. Teach someone how to Dougie

21. Play a competitive game of hopscotch in the middle of the street with your friends

22. Make out with someone in a park at sunset

23. Face one of your top three fears

24. Dance the night away

25. High-five 100 people in one day

26. Destroy a computer

27. Approach the most beautiful guy or girl you have ever met and kiss them

28. Tour with a major band

29. Run a marathon

30.  Win an award

31. Help build a house

32. Kick a 40 yd field goal

33. Throw out the “first pitch”

34. Go on a picnic at the beach/park/wherever with friends

35. Grow your own veggies/herbs.  You can start a garden or just get a few small pots with basil, oregano, etc.

36. Crash a stranger’s wedding reception

37. Read a book series you haven’t gotten around to yet

38. Go to the all-star baseball game

39. Join an intramural/local league for your favorite sport or a sport you want to get better at

40. Fly to a country you’ve never been to and make a photo blog of it

41. Adopt a dog or cat or any other animal

42. Form a band

43. Become a fitness instructor! Spin, yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, Zumba…

44. Bike across a state

45. Sign up for a color run!

46. Go on a blind date

47. Ride in a hot air balloon

48. Start a flash mob

49. Ride in a helicopter at sunset

50. Write for RemixYourHealth

51. Go berry picking

52. Make a difference in someone’s life

53.  Donate an entire weekend to helping others

54. Sit down and write your own eulogy

55. Watch every James Bond movie ever made and for an entire day introduce your self as (last name, first name last name)

56. Break out into random song while on public transportation

57. Blow one month’s worth of salary on a night out

58. Spend a week at sea

59. Cook something you’ve grown

60. Surf and snowboard in one day

61. High-five a monkey!

62. Get your fortune told

63. Write a letter to your future grandchildren about who you are

64. Pretend to be invisible

65. Dress up as a monkey and hand out bananas in public

66. Star in an instructional video

67. Photo bomb a celebrity

68. Start the “quack” chant in a public setting (i.e. The Mighty Ducks)

69. Run up all 1576 stairs of the Empire State Building

70. Attend the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in a country other than yours

71. Be in a feature film

72. Blow up your smartphone with fireworks

73. Give a motivational speech

74. Pay for someone else’s groceries

75. Receive a standing ovation

76. Write your favorite teacher a thank you note

77. Ride a mechanical bull

78.  Go an entire day without looking at a clock

79. Design, assemble, and wear an entire outfit from scratch for a day

80. Get a caricature

81. Drive your dream car

82. Visit patients at a children’s hospital dressed up as a clown, super hero, or cartoon character

83. Get an invisible pet leash and walk your “pet” through a busy park

84. Try a food that freaks you out

85. Get published (see number 50)

86. Create a dance called the “Remix”, videotape it, put it on YouTube

87. Take someone’s clothes away from a public shower, and leave them with only a funny costume to wear.

88. Rollerblade or roller-skate down a major street in your bathrobe

89. Run a race dressed as a super hero

90. Successfully parallel park an RV in one attempt

91. Teach an adult how to read

92. Sing the national anthem in front of 500 people or more

93. Build a gigantic sand castle at the beach, find a couple of kids and let them destroy it

94. Send a hand written love letter to your crush signed “secret admirer.”

95. Let love in

96. Kick bad love out

97. Buy four turtles and name them Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael

98. Go skinny-dipping in the moonlight

99. Don’t speak for an entire day

100. Video tape why living a healthy lifestyle is important to you and then submit it to RemixYourHealth


Good luck!

– Team RemixYourHealth


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