LOL chill cuz – ways to combat anxiety and the “fear of missing out”

According to the 2012 Nielson Company analyses, the average teenager sends or receives 3,339 text messages every month. Let’s see, that’s got to be close to 40,000 LOLs, BRBs, and personal overused favorite, LMAO. Our dextrous fingers have helped us to further fast, efficient, and perhaps more honest communication in an increasingly digital world.

However despite all these obvious electronically savvy benefits, texting may help to perpetuate the social anxiety and fear of missing out. Sarah Miller reports in the June 2012 issue of Women’s Health  FOMA, the fear of missing out, is more pervasive in our culture than ever before, aided by social media tools such as Facebook, texting, and Twitter.  Yikes. So those Instagram photos of your friends down the shore may actually aggravate your envy meter more than you think.

As a social butterfly I love nothing more than to flit from dinner party to coffee date to bar to mall hop to dinner party..etc  at a constant rate much to my bank account’s dismay. Nevertheless, it may be time to ease the social anxiety of making plans and maintaining an online presence. Here are five easy ways to work to combat such anxiety and maintain a balanced and healthy, mind, body, and soul.

1. Lose your phone

No seriously, lose your phone. I once lost mine in our couch for four hours and once the initial panic subsided, it was a blissful text free couple hours. Those text messages can wait.

2. Exercise

Get your tuckus to the gym and fly on the elliptical. Pound the pavement or go for a nice and easy walk around the block.  Exercising releases all those endorphins to promote healthy, positive feelings for an all-day energy boost.

Try some of of these workouts by Women’s Health to get in touch with your inner child!

3. Crossword Puzzles

Now I’m talking about the old school pen and paper kind. Engage your mind in some mental gymnastics. Pick a topic that fits your fancy and go to town. I like indulging in some celebrity trivia puzzles myself.

4. Read

Escaping in a good book, article, or blog is a whole heck of a lot better than escaping in the recent Facebook album your frenemy posted.

5. Meditate

One thing I know for a fact is, this is easier said than done. But nevertheless – TRY! Turn off all the lights, open a window, and put on some Tibetan Buddhist Chants. Feel the weight of your body caressing the floor and allow your mind to stop wandering and begin to let go. It’s okay if you fall asleep the first couple times – your body just has to get used to this feeling of ultimate calm.

Your body is a temple – you owe it to yourself for a bit of rejuvenation to release all fears of social anxiety.


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