Olympic Training for the Spectator

I may not be the most athletic person in the world (or maybe even in this room), but I have always been drawn to the Olympics. As the US trials wrap up and the torch approaches London, I could not be more excited for the spirit of the summer Olympics to return. Even though it may be too late to qualify in an event, I thought it would be a good idea to share some tips from top Olympic athletes, so maybe at least when you watch Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte faceoff, you’ll at least feel that you could have had a chance to compete.

1) Cool off.  Swimming is an excellent strength and cardio workout that will help strengthen all your major muscles groups. Keep it simple, especially if you aren’t used to swimming.  And not to worry, Michael Phelps no longer takes in 12,000 calories a day, so don’t feel like you have to gorge yourself to become a strong swimmer. Plus, moms always say that eating and swimming leads to drowning.

2) Drink chocolate milk. Gymnast Aly Raisman just landed herself a spot on the US woman’s team with a little help from this tasty beverage. She drinks chocolate milk because it’s the perfect combination of carbohydrates and protein to help her recover from a long workout.

3) Pamper yourself. Once you have a workout plan, make sure to include some days off. It’s never a good idea to overwork yourself. Even Carmelita Jeter, currently known as one of the fastest women in the world, takes a day off every week to focus on keeping up with her hair and nails.

4) Down some honey. US Olympic medalist gymnast Jonathan Horton says that honey is his perfect solution to restoring his blood sugar. So if you are ever feeling a little shaky during a workout, don’t be afraid to have a little snack.

5) Dress comfortably. Sure Kerri Walsh has no reason not to show off her body in a string bikini, but sometimes even this beach volleyball star feels a little insecure. If you don’t want to sport a sports bra on your run, then don’t. In a recent Health.com article Kerri said,  “You have to wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and allows you to push yourself and keep working toward what you want.”

6) Don’t ignore injuries. As swimmer Dara Torres attempts to qualify for her 6th Olympics, she proves to be a reliable source for fitness advice. According to Dara, if you want to keep your body going, make sure to give yourself recovery time and pay attention to any pains you may have.

These are just a few athlete tips to keep you feeling great this summer. And I highly recommend watching as many Olympic events as possible (even if you just watch the emotional commercials) because it will inspire you to start planning a workout regime that you can stick to. Just remember, you can always qualify for the winter Olympics. Go for the gold!

For some tips on running this summer, check out Nour Alamiri’s post.


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