ExcelCord – Take Your Workout to the Next Level

This week I chatted with the masterminds behind a new resistance training product – ExcelCord – where folks, the name speaks for itself. This training device helps you and your fitness excel.

The product has roots stemming from America’s favorite pastime: baseball. And who better to design a training device for baseball players than the players themselves? Co-creators Matt Zoltak and Joe Fasy, both former college ball players hailing from Pennsylvania, first created ExcelCord as a resistance training tool for pitchers, but soon realized the cord could be used for way more than just strengthening  a pitcher’s throw.

“It went from restating the throwing motion to be an all-around exercise device with over 100 core exercises,” Zoltak, 24, says.

Intrigued? I know I was. So now the question remains: what’s in your ExcelCord kit. ExcelCord has come a long way from its days as a green duct tape prototype. After strapping your feet into the heel harnesses and hooking on the heavy-duty nylon resistance cord you can either attach the cord to a door with a door hanger and  snap hook or have a friend hold the cord to provide the resistance. Such accessibility in particular is what appeals to athletes.

“It lets athletes train on their own or trainers train with their athletes, you can use it anywhere,” Zoltak says.

However anyone, whether training recreationally or professionally, can use ExcelCord to strengthen his or her muscles or balance. The workouts are progressive, Zoltak says, so you can do everything at your own pace and interest. Depending upon what you are looking to strengthen, Fasy and Zoltak created drills to target core muscle groups such as the obliques, hamstrings and lower quadriceps.

“From start to finish it lets you train the muscles directly involved with the movement,”Zoltak says.

Check out the ExcelCord YouTube channel for exercises and examples so you can see the cord at work!

ExcelCord Core Series which includes crunches, leg lifts and mountain climbers:

Baseball/pitching drills:

Strength Training:

Speed Training:

Don’t resist the urge anymore – take your fitness to the next level.

Be sure to check out the rest of their exercises on YouTube and follow them on twitter @ExcelCord

Keep @RemixYourHealth and @Excel Cord updated on your progress!


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