Relationship Tune-up…Put Your Sex into Drive

Greetings Remix Fans! I’m BACK!!! It’s been a long hot summer without you, but I am happy to say that I am back and ready to get it on. So now that our summer is coming to a close and we are moving towards autumn, let’s take a look at your SEX and your relationship(s) or lack thereof.

I am in full belief that all things need a tune-up…even your sex life. So here goes…

If you’re single and ready for some much needed lovin’ and no one is calling, it’s time to look in the mirror. Ask yourself the following questions;

1) Have I been taking care of me- mind, body and soul?

We all want to feel good and be attractive to potential mates; therefore, we have to do some maintenance.  Head to the gym, powerwalk, jog or bike. But get moving; exercise increases libido- it’s good for your heart and let’s face it, you will look and feel better.

Now about that late night or all day snacking…switch up the fast food and sweets for…you guessed it, fruits and veggies. You don’t have to be a health nut, but the healthier your choices, the happier your body…the BETTER THE SEX!

2) Have I really invested in looking for another mate, or sex partner? Or am I hoping they are going to show-up at my front door?

If you want others to be invested in you, you must be invested in yourself. So get out there, check out activities you like- from cooking to yoga, ultimate Frisbee to dancing. You will meet new people, you will also be actively involved in your life…you know invested.

Newsflash…if a potential mate shows up out of nowhere at your door…that’s stranger danger, get out the mace or semi-automatic and run!

Once you have asked these two questions and done an honest assessment, its’ time to go out and get dirty. Find that potential lover and give them all you got! Condoms please (Dental Dam and lube if needed), after all I am still a health educator.

Now if you’re in a relationship, this may be a little harder because you are comfortable with your partner and they with you (hopefully). But you have to dig deep and ask, when is the last time we had GOOD SEX…the kind that leaves you sweaty and out of breath? The kind of sex that pisses off the neighbors, but makes them envious of you at the same time.  If it’s been awhile, change that TONIGHT!

Call the one or ones (I’m not judging) that you love, and tell them tonight we put OUR SEX into DRIVE! In the mean time, be tender with each other. Pay each other compliments, tell them you love them…hell, tell them you want them on the coffee table, right now before breakfast. Communicate more, and not just about frustrations or problems. Talk about your interests, or plan a get-away. Remember to say thank you, but also show them you really appreciate them. Back rubs, blow jobs, and butt massages are a good place to start. Now that you have the tools…get tuning!!! Until next time, Remix fans, THE GOOD, THE BETTER, AND THE BEST STILL TO COME! Peace and Harmony! Charla B.

“I believe that anyone who says that sex is overrated just hasn’t done it properly”.



  One thought on “Relationship Tune-up…Put Your Sex into Drive

  1. ABrim
    September 4, 2012 at 9:07 pm

    This was hot and makes me want to put my sex into DRIVE! Charla B. has a good sense of humor with her blogs that I totally appreciate!


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