5 Reasons to (Tea) Party

I’ve had a tea obsession that may have directly influenced my decision to study abroad in London.  It all began when I was probably just a few years old–my grandmother would make me a cup of hot tea with a squeeze of lemon and  a tablespoon of sugar, and I would sit around at family events pretending to be an adult in all the important conversations.

I can’t remember the last time I went a week without at least a glass of iced tea, and my dentist can attest to the fact that I’m probably never going to have sparkling whites.  While I don’t want to get wrapped up in my love of tea and come off  too pretentious dropping terms like “oolong” and “chamomile,” I would like to share with you 5 reasons that you should also develop a love of the beverage and host a tea party.

1. Antioxidants and Cancer Prevention: Though different type of teas vary, it’s no question that its antioxidants help drinkers to fight off disease. Green and black teas reportedly have 10 times the amount of antioxidants found in fruits and veggies , and these types were found to block DNA damage associated with tobacco and other toxic chemicals (Web MD).

2. Versatility:  Tea gives you an opportunity to choose from so many different flavor options.  Then of course you can decide whether you like it hot or cold and what to add to make it taste great.

3. Alertness: These days, everyone seems to suffer from a caffeine addiction. Tea can fulfill your craving, but you don’t have to choose a highly caffeinated flavor. For more of a kick, choose a black or chai tea, but if you don’t want to be up all night, try white tea.

4. Weight loss: If you don’t add anything to your tea, then you are enjoying a zero calorie beverage. Now just imagine if you replaced all those sugary sodas with a few cups of tea. Additionally, drinking a few cups of green tea a day reportedly helps to speed up metabolism.

5. Fun: OK, so this might just be a personal reason, but I feel as though drinking tea with friends can be a fun activity. A tea party is the perfect excuse to borrow your grandma’s oversized sweater and share fancy scone snacks with friends.

Now that the weather is dropping and you may be snuggling under a blanket as you read this, I advise you to go make some tea for yourself.

To get the full health benefits of tea, it helps to steep a little longer (5 minutes or more) with near- boiling water.  Using milk may eliminate the benefits of drinking tea so avoid it when you can, and try some lemon instead. Try loose tea to get the full tea experience, and invest in some sort of infuser. I use Teavana’s Perfect Teamaker.


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