App of the Month #3 (Week #3): RunKeeper


Developer: FitnessKeeper Inc.

Platform: Apple iOS / Google Android

Price: Free

Hey guys! The past month has been a bit busy for me, especially traveling to places like Ashville, NC and Boston, MA. From this post onward, I’ll be posting apps on a monthly basis.  Back to my travels to Boston, I can say that it is a pretty small city to run around. You can run from Allston to Cambridge in 5-10 minutes. Boston is very scenic while running, which got me into running (or at least some sort of exercising). Before I became an Apple user, I was an Android user my sophomore year and I wanted an app to keep a track my runs. What was once new is now one of the most popular running apps and it’s actually Boston-made RunKeeper.


What is it and how does it work?

RunKeeper is an app that tracks your fitness activities by GPS. I say fitness activities because it can track other activities than running like swimming, cycling, hiking, etc. You can play your music playlist and customize your own workout by adding audio cues. At the end of your workout, RunKeeper maps out your routes and records your times (overall and min/mile). You are also able to share your fitness activity through your profile on RunKeeper, as well as Facebook and Twitter.  Additionally, you can purchase audio coaching programs that give you specific workouts for running and sync compatible heart-rate accesories with the app.  Overall, RunKeeper is a well-rounded app that provides runners details on their workouts.  For more information on using RunKeeper, visit the official website and app pages (posted top of the page)


Personal Review

Up until I started using other running apps to test out, this one was my first running app I used.  At the time, it was one of the few running apps out there like Endomondo that did GPS tracking.  It’s come a long way and still is one of the most popular running apps in the both apps markets.  While I used this app as my main running app when I started, RunKeeper serves as a supplemental app for me at the moment.  I think if you wanna a specific gimmick fitness apps (ex. Zombie Run), you won’t find flashiness and interest downloading this.  However, while I’m testing new running apps, RunKeeper is much useful running in the background of my phone and giving me my times for reference.

Rating: 4.5/5


Overall, RunKeeper is a simple running app that tracks your runs and times by GPS.  If you are looking for a basic app to start training with, this one is the one of the best out there.  What running app do you use? Write your comments down below.  As this is now ‘App of the Month’, I leave with  you with this song for the month.  Happy holidays and see you in the next year.


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