Sexcation for 2 (or more)


Greetings Remix Fans! Tis the season…can you believe Christmas is ONLY seventeen days or so away, Hanukkah starts today…then the latter part of December Kwanzaa begins, and last but not least, the best party of the year, New Years Eve!

The reason I am highlighting all these wonderful celebrations and observances is because this is the time of the year that people vacation, visiting family, and friends. But have you thought about a SEXCATION?

According to urban dictionary, a sexcation is a vacation dedicated entirely to sex! Now this is the type of rest and relaxation that I can get behind, or on top of…well you know what I mean. Couples are less stressed when they are away from home, and more likely to be in the mood…leaving the house for a few days can do wonders for your sexual health. So, here are some healthful tips to plan the best sexcation ever.

  1. Limit the surprises, by giving your significant other plenty of notice to take time off from work or  school. They will need this time to prepare, by fantasizing about what’s to come, or even do some necessary grooming (some of us let things go when it gets cold outside).
  1. Plan. Make the necessary hotel, and dinner reservations. Especially if your staying with family and friends for the holidays, one night in a hotel will allow you both to be      as vocal, and creative as you like. You know without your great-aunt Sally busting in the room, asking if the cat is in there (you know that noise you make, sounds like a sick cat…just sayin). The dinner is just a nice change from holiday food, and everyone likes to go out to eat. Also prepare some couple activities to get you both in the mood. Maybe a couple’s massage or spa day.
  1. Now if you have only been together a short while (6 months or less), you’re probably having your fair share of sex anyway. So, this is the time to add more dimensions to the relationship. Have some sweet treats to share (in bed), like strawberries, chocolates, or truffles. Don’t hesitate to use the oversized tub in the hotel room. Also in a new relationship you want to create positive energy, and not make anyone feel the pressure to perform.  Therefore doing some non-sexual events is in order as well. Take in a museum, carriage ride, or a wine tasting, etc. You get the idea, romantic but light. This is a time to get to know each other even more intimately.
  1. For those of us who have been with our partner(s) for over a year or so…it’s our time to shine. Pull out all the goodies you have. Massage oils, battery and non-battery operated toys, feathers, blindfolds, handcuffs (and keys), sex games, videos…anything you both have discussed and have yet to try. What happens on sexcation, can stay on sexcation, or be an addition to the bedroom swing you already have. Use this time to reconnect, explore, laugh, relax and be spontaneous.

Other tips otherwise understood…pack light…you know as far as bedroom clothes, less is more. Play sexy music during the car ride or on your mp3 player on the plane…to keep the sexy thoughts flowing. Flirt with each other, be suggestive, touch each other, and make the other person feel desired. There you have it. Remix fans enjoy this holiday time, spend it with loved ones and go out there and have the best sexcation ever!!!

Until next time, THE GOOD, THE BETTER, AND THE BEST STILL TO COME! Peace and Harmony! Charla B.

“I believe that anyone who says that sex is overrated just hasn’t done it properly”.



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