Get in My Head

header_logo_sponsorOkay, so I have to admit… I’ve done this before. And it went absolutely horrible and that’s why it was fantastic. It will be three years this November since I ran the Annapolis 1/2 Marathon for the first time. Quite frankly it was Annapolis’ first time too. Neither of us really knew what we were doing but it was oh so magical. At the time it was my 7th 1/2 marathon. Like many previous 1/2 marathons I’ve trained for, I spent 12 grueling weeks training my legs to remotely like the fact that they would be taking the brunt of the workload while my arms swayed back and fourth laughing the entire way.

Week one started off great. My legs felt fresh, my approach was sharp, and my music, god I loved my playlist. By week ten I had one leg that felt pretty good and the other with some roving soreness. Not the kind of soreness that keeps you from running but just enough for me to feel every step and every mile. I was at the point of my training where the soreness helped me re-visit every reason why I shouldn’t be participating in a sport that’s sole focus is to run as fast as you can and as far away from where you started solely to try to return to where you started as fast as you can. Who invented this sport?

photo-2And then by week ten there was my playlist; a set of music that started off as a beautiful harmony of notes, beats, and lyrics and ended in a rhythmic relationshit. Enchanting songs written with passion and hope now reminded me of the five mile run I had during week six where I rolled my ankle on a giant Lego at a park and almost fell into the creek. Jesus, take the wheel…

So here’s the deal; I need your help as I will be running my 12th 1/2 marathon this Mother’s Day weekend. Clearly, I need help. My playlist is exhausted, I’m exhausted, and the other day Seasons of Love by the cast of Rent came on while I was running and I almost started crying, in the woods, by myself. Not because of how touching and inspirational the song is but because my playlist froze in my Nike+ app and I was now on the seventh consecutive repeat of the song.

As you can see, I can use a boost right now and definitely can use a refreshing new running playlist for the Delaware 1/2 in two weeks.

enhanced-buzz-17379-1272291403-1Three years ago I had a similar request on RemixYourHealth and you, our amazing fans of RYH came through with probably the most ridiculous playlist ever compiled — and it was amazing. I did, I actually ran the Annapolis 1/2 marathon with Flogging Molly, Right Said Fred, and Sir Mix a Lot in the same playlist. I have never laughed so hard in my life as every song created a new dimension, a new experience, and a new memory to that race. It was horrible and amazing all at the same time.

Sure there may be plenty of research out there on how strategically planned playlists and songs can have a positive impact on tempo and motivation for a runner. That’s really great. This playlist had none of those factors and it was still exactly what I needed.

Here’s my challenge to you… I want you to get in my head!

In the comment selection below I want you to submit songs for my Delaware 1/2 Marathon playlist. It can be your favorite song, your motivator, or something you simply think will get me to snort GU out of my nose in two weekends. Hit me with your best shot!

Once I have a good selection of songs, I will choose my top three and have all of you choose my “power song” that will help me through Bancroft Parkway and King Street in downtown Wilmington. Yes, I will listen to this playlist on race day and I will remember, thank, and probably curse you. Also, I will publish the exact same playlist on iTunes just in case you all are gluttons for punishment too 🙂

Bring it on!



Founder, RemixYourHealth


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