A Health Nut’s Guide to Surviving Work Travel — Part 1

Car ride to airport, airport to car rental, car rental to office building or hotel, meetings, meetings, meetings, back to car rental, back to airport, Marco – polo with my keyless entry in longterm to find my car, and finally home.

Sound familiar?

About two months ago I accepted a new position helping support the employee wellness program of one of the largest freight transportation entities in this country. If you take the Mississippi River from its most northern part to its most southern part and look east — that’s what they cover.  It’s the real deal — we support an employee population of roughly 35,000 across 23 states. So naturally traveling is part of my job.

SouthwestIn the last few weeks I have travelled to Atlanta, St. Petersburg, Nashville, Baltimore, Chicago, Huntington, and Tampa. Needless to say I spend a lot of time checking in and out of things. Traveling can be exhilarating, adventurous, and inspiring — but unfortunately it can also be exhausting and fattening. Oddly enough, even considering the field that I am in, I often find myself in situations that cause me to be sedentary for long periods of time and surrounded by not always the healthiest of food options. Combine the two and repeat over and over again and you create a ticking time bomb for your own health and waistline.

Have no fear Corey is here!

Over the next several posts I am going to present my guide to surviving work travel. For all of my fellow road warriors out there I dedicate this to you. Don’t let travel be the reason your health slides down the priority list. It can be done and I am about to show you how.


The First Step (pun intended): Plan Ahead


Unless you are part of one of the Elite Navy Seal Teams or a Swat Team — you will have most likely have an idea of when travel will be coming up. This is usually one of the first excuses I hear all of the time and honestly one of the easiest obstacles to overcome.




Do your homework.

Fact. You will always know your destination ahead of time so make sure to do some preliminary research. Does your hotel have a gym? Will you need a tetanus shot to use your hotel’s gym equipment?

If your lodging does not come with a gym, look into local mom and pop gyms, YMCAs, JCCs, and other community centers. The chances are one of these are close by and often provide discounts to out of area/state guests.




Be your own soccer mom.

God only knows what kind of food options you will find at an airport (more to come on this in the next post). Rather than trusting healthy food options will be readily available at your airport, come packing instead! TSA allows you to bring your own food as long as it goes through the X-Ray machines. Whether it’s a layover or a long flight, a healthy snack is always a great thing to have handy when trying to keep your energy levels up and your metabolism roaring. Plus — finding that “emergency snack” in a time of need is like euphoria for the stomach and mind.

Some of my favorites: Cliff, Kashi, or Kind Bars.


Pack actively.

gymbagWhether you think you will or will not have the time to workout, swim, run, or go for a walk — pack like you will. Staying on schedule and having free time are pretty much a crapshoot when traveling. But if and when the opportunity arises, you want to be prepared. Pack comfortable clothes for physical activity and when you get to your destination immediately take them out of your bag and place them in a visible location. Humans are visual — it’s harder to not do when you see then it is to do not when you don’t.


This is just the start but like with anything else in life, success begins with preparation. Happy traveling!



Founder, RemixYourHealth


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