The “Game Changer” Challenge — A Fun, Easy New Years Weight Loss Challenge

5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Happy New Year!

The clock changes, the calendar changes, the year changes… but statistics show that unfortunately your unhealthy habits will not. That is at least from your New Year’s resolution.

According to the University of Scranton’s research, about 8% of the “resolution” population will actually be successful.That folks is the painful capital T truth.

So why do roughly 92% of the population fail? A lot of it stems from commitment issues, setting unrealistic expectations/goals and a time frame in which they want it to be completed.

As we embark into January, across the health and wellness industry you will see many health and fitness facilities promote with the slogan “New Year, New You” in hopes of luring doughy-eyed consumers into investing in their services with promises of drastic changes, quick results, and unrealistic outcomes. #Fail. The reality of health behavior change is that no unhealthy habit or behavior was acquired overnight. Therefore, you are not going to change it overnight either.

Rather than build people up on false pretenses and hopes, this year RemixYourHealth wants to do something a little different for our AWESOME followers and anyone else who comes across this challenge. I can tell you this; we are not going to promise immediate change. Heck, we are not even going to promise visible results after the challenge is completed. Instead, we will promise each of you with more awareness, a better understanding of your health behaviors, and the ability to create a foundation for each of you to make long-term, sustainable improvements and changes around your health.

It is well noted in research that successful weight loss programs, health behavior change interventions, and obesity prevention programs all have one common denominator — they take a well-rounded, holistic approach to the goal at hand. On that note, allow me to introduce you to the RemixYourHealth “Game Changer” challenge!

What you will need:

  • The “Game Changer” Challenge Scorecards
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Physical Activity Tracking Device (i.e. Fitbit, Jawbone, Nike Fuel, Garmin, Misfit, Omron, etc.)
  • A Scale
  • You

How long will it last:

  • 4 weeks

The Game ChangerThe low down:

For each week of the challenge you will need to weigh-in once and fill out a scorecard based off of your weekly “playbook” of tasks. Honestly, it should take no more than 5-10 minutes cumulatively a day to complete. Each playbook consists of a nutrition tracking, physical activity tracking, water consumption tracking, and sleep tracking component. For each task completed under a particular component you will receive points based off your total consumption, steps, hours of sleep, and/or water consumed, etc. However, during the week you can also receive penalty flags that provide point deductions on such actions as weighing yourself outside of the scheduled weigh-in, unnecessary snacking between meals, and the use of tobacco products.

The goal is simple — try to accumulate as many points as possible throughout the week.

Each week we will also post a “Social Media Challenge” on and our social media platforms outlining a way to receive an additional 50 points for the week (may help offset some accidental snacking)! The goal here is to catch you in the act of doing something healthy for the challenge. When you do, make sure to tag @RemixYourHealth and use the hashtag #RYHGameChangerChallenge.


Official RulesThe science behind the challenge:

The cool thing about this entire challenge is the fact that it’s embedded in health behavior change theory as well as designed to meet individuals at their physical and emotional stages of change and level of readiness. It focuses on the energy balance equation (amount of physical activity vs. food consumed) but does not hyper-focus on calorie counting or critically analyzing nutrition labels. Instead we place the emphasis on making sure you are consuming what you should be eating and not focusing on or reprimanding you for the things they shouldn’t be eating.

When does it start?

January 5th, 2015 or any 4-week interval

Who can participate?

Anyone! Individuals, groups, teams, companies, etc. If you are a company and would like to take this company wide or via several of your departments please contact me at as I am more than happy to assist you with the implementation and incentive ideas.

What do we recommend for physical activity and nutrition tracking?

FitbitPersonally we are a big fan of Fitbit! The Fitbit Flex is a great, easy to use device that comes with a wonderfully simple and intuitive app that can help you track your physical activity (specifically steps), sleep, water, and food consumption. From a nutrition tracking app solely we recommend either LoseIt or FatSecret. Again, both apps are easy-to-use and intuitive.

Click below for the “Game Changer” Challenge scorecard packet:

The “Game Changer” Challenge


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