Spring, Sprung, and Spring Break

Couple Lying on a Beach

Couple Lying on a Beach

Spring, Sprung, and Spring Break Greetings Remix fans…I am back, and with a vengeance. Just kidding, life is great, and I am ready to resume our sex education adventures. Now that yours truly has completed her doctorate, this sex education is Doctor approved, ha! Ok, enough about me, and more about sex.

It’s April, and with Spring Break in our immediate past, the month of May could bring unintended/unplanned pregnancies, STI’s, and possibly an unintended romance. Well first things first, if you made it through Spring Break safely, and are preparing for finals, great! You are winning, but you should read these tips for the potential of future sketchiness. If you made some sketchy choices, and are confused about the next steps, then please read on.

The Bacchus Network has created an entire campaign around a Safe Spring Break. Well, if that shipped has sailed, I have some tips on how to take care of yourself going forward…news you can use. If there’s a possibility of pregnancy or STI exposure go to your local Student health, Urgent Care, Health Dept, or private physician. Now is not the time to be shy. Be honest with your healthcare provider, and let them help you on your journey. Next, be honest with your hook-up. If they are local and there is something to tell them…tell them. If you didn’t get a name or number, enlist some friends for support; you’ll need them no matter what. If you’re in the clear, but were really panicked over the last few weeks, breathe a sigh of relief. However, remember this panicked feeling the next time you think about letting tequila to make your decisions. If you have found yourself in a bad romance or at the very least an unwanted one (someone you randomly met at Spring Break), listen up. You should be honest, and let them know it was just a fling. It may not be what they want to hear, but honesty goes along way. I’d rather be single, than in a dead-in relationship, or with someone who isn’t that into me.

On the next SPRING BREAK, 5 things NOT TO DO: 1. Get tatted (Tattooed for you English majors). 2. Drink yourself into a stupor (No one wants to baby sit you, so drink responsibly). 3. One night stand (Come on, strange is fun but its called strange for a reason). 4. Break the law (Duh). 5. Catch herpes (See number 3).

Other tips and useful safety measures for your last few weeks on campus, or if you’ll be attending summer school: On campus housing: • Always lock your door. Never prop your door open if you leave or are asleep. • Check out your housing security. Your dorm room should be as safe as a hotel or apartment. This isn’t your parent’s house! On Campus: • If you are on campus late at night, take advantage of campus security shuttle services and emergency phones. • Walk home with a friend that you know well. • Avoid short cuts that are not well lit or are surrounded by bushes or other obstacles that may hinder your view. • If you commute to school and are on campus late at night, make sure you park in a well-lit area. Avoid walking to your car alone. Check the back seat of your car before getting inside to make sure no one is hiding inside. Safety at Parties: • Always be aware of your surroundings. If you are planning to drink that night, make sure you know where your friends are and how you are getting home. You don’t want to be left at a party, not know anyone, and be stuck! • Keep an eye on your drink, don’t set your cup down to dance and come back to finish it later. You are better off wasting a drink then getting wasted and putting your safety at risk. • Avoid being alone and be careful whom you invite back to your room. Do you really know this person? They may look like you, dress like you, even be best friends with your best friend, but do you really know him/her after one night? • If you start to feel strange or unusually intoxicated, seek help from a friend. Condoms Are Effective Barriers: • The condom—latex or polyurethane, male or female—is the only method available to prevent the sexual transmission of HIV. • Laboratory studies show that latex condoms provide an essentially impermeable barrier to particles the size of HIV and other STI pathogens. Studies show that polyurethane condoms also provide effective barriers against sperm, bacteria, and viruses.

Now that we have some sage advice, and useful tips (things you already knew, but may have had a lapse in judgment), go forth, use condoms, and enjoy the spring.

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