Author: Connie Schlosberg

I was bitten by the writing bug ever since I started writing poetry in the sixth grade. Many moons later, I still enjoy writing. I went back to school and just recently received my Bachelor's Degree in Letters, Arts and Sciences and have a “Writing for Social Commentary” Certificate with the Pennsylvania State University. I attended the Theatre of Arts in Los Angeles and have appeared in the Disney movie, My Secret Bodyguard. Published poetry includes “Lock and Key” featured in A Far Off Place and “Roses Will Bloom” in Stories of Strength and most recently, a chapbook 1340 aptly named for the time between when the poems were written. In July 2012, I released Revamp Your Resume in 12 Easy Steps. All of my books are available at Please visit or for more information.

Just say Ahhhhh!

Have you felt stressed lately? Anxious? Nervous? Who wouldn’t with fall semester just getting underway! Your stress level is probably off the chart.

Count Your Breath

Do me a favor. Get a timer and count how many times you breathe in one minute. Don’t worry. I’ll be here when you get back.

Did you do it?

How many breaths did you take – 10, 15, maybe 20?

No worries. Most people breathe between 10-15 times per minute. However, as normal as this may seem, this should not be your goal. Your ideal breathing rate is six breaths per minute. Practicing slow, deep breathing can help oxygenate the blood and improve your ability to exercise.



Do you ever feel that afternoon slump? It never fails each day at around two o’clock, my eyes become so heavy that I can’t keep them open. After hours of staring into the vapid blackness of my computer with my fingers fumbling along on the keyboard, my neck is stiff and my back hurts. So what’s a girl to do?