In the spring of 2010, Corey M. Schwartz, Founder of RemixYourHealth started mulling over an idea of an organization that created, promoted, and implemented health education to college students by college students in a unique, grassroots, and technologically savvy fashion.

RemixYourHealth’s initial design: more-so a collage of health, fitness, and wellness tips and articles that were created by young health professionals, has since evolved into a health promotion think-tank and a leader in social-media based health promotion collaboration between college students across the United States.

In a whirlwind of just over a year, RemixYourHealth successfully found a niche that it can proudly call home. In the fall of 2010 Corey brought on two more key additions to the Remix – Jo Anna Popielarski, a registered dietician and Meghan Bollenback, an experienced event and program planner. Although Meghan or Jo Anna are no longer with the initiative, they were both instrumental in getting it off the ground.

In the fall of 2012 RemixYourHealth took a hiatus as its founder was dealing with competing priorities.

Re-emerging in the Spring of 2014, and in its fourth year of existence, RemixYourHealth is excited and geared-up to take the college health promotion world by storm. So keep an eye out for our heart, because we’re keeping an eye out for yours.

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